The Orgasm


largeThere’s something about a fake Fendi, Rolex or Marc Jacobs that leaves you feeling less satisfied than as if you had the real thing. So what to do when you find out that your other half fakes it like a cheap watch?

Lying, in any form, is bad for a relationship. But as for the subject of faking orgasms? I’m pretty sure it’s been decided that ignorance is bliss.

As an ardent feminist (FYI: someone who believes in equal rights and also ADORES the company of men), I think it’s a little unfair that, on the whole, it’s just accepted that it’s harder for women to orgasm or that it’s okay for us to fake it, while men have all the fun. I’m not for one second saying that the blame should reside entirely with our hairier halves either. In fact, quite the opposite. If your bedroom buddy is telling you that what you’re doing is spot on (five hundred miles off the beaten track) and you’re still doing it that way, then, in fact, you’re being an (albeit incorrect) attentive lover by doing what the woman says she wants.

And guys, I do understand that you have a tough job: I had a girlfriend call me up the first time she climaxed and it had taken her sixteen years to perfect it herself, so we’re not expecting you to get it in the first go. But don’t assume that we aren’t putting in the leg work to get you there either. To quote Samantha Jones (again): ‘they don’t call it a job for nothin’.

I think the key, anyway, is to stop thinking about blame and instead wonder: when did this age old tradition, as deep rooted in our society as a turkey on Christmas day or a vow of silence on the tube, become so widely practised?

‘They’ say that 70% of us have faked it. Call it 90% and that’s probably a lot closer to the truth. I say this because I always find it funny that when I ask the men around me whether they believe a woman to have faked it with them, they laugh and respond with a firm, “NO. NEVER.” But when I ask the women around me if they’ve told porkies, they laugh and respond with a firm, “YES. ALL THE TIME.” Now, I’m no good at maths but the facts just don’t add up.

Also, men of the world, you are not exempt from the faking it brigade! We know you do it too; it’s just a little harder to be deceitful with your jet hose in tow. But you and I both know, that after a few vodkas, we’re none the wiser.

I’m not saying that sex can’t be pleasurable without an orgasm, but it IS a little bit like getting to the end of a Cornetto only to find that the chocolate bit at the end of the cone is missing. It was delicious, but without that, we might as well have just had a magnum, or in other words, done it ourselves.

So back to my main question: what do you do if you find out that your better half is faking it?

Well the road to any sort of recovery from a bad habit begins with a confession. So I think if everyone held their hands up to doing it, at least once, then we could fix the bloody problem. Let’s not leave it up to the people in white lab coats to decide what sort of orgasms women can have. Instead, get naked and experiment with your chosen lover. And men, take some of the blame and pay closer attention to when we claim to climax: we ain’t no Katherine Hepburn and you ain’t stupid.

For those of you who are infuriatingly still reading this thinking: “No one has ever faked it with me. I am a sex GOD and have totally knocked the socks off of everyone I’ve ever slept with”, go and download When Harry Met Sally.

And once you’ve watched that scene in complete dismay, remember this immortal word and repeat after me:



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