The First Grey Hair


So I was looking in the mirror this morning attempting to control my mane, when I found THE FIRST GREY HAIR. I was already being melodramatic enough about turning twenty one, being in third year, not having a job lined up after university and eating too many biscuits without this new stress!

I must say, this one grey hair tipped me over the funeral planning, will writing edge and have just written a list of ten things to do before I die. Buying hair dye being one of them.

Hold on. Dad turned grey mid twenties. He still looks good. That means I will. No, he is a man. Men look good with grey hair, women look like Cruella De Vil.

It’s fine. Mum’s only started to go grey recently and she’s fifty in January so maybe I’ll be able to hold out until then?

I’m going to have to keep an eye on Kate Moss to see how she deals with it. In the mean time, I’ll look to the inspirational locks of Granny Rock for tips on making grey hair cool.


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